Laurel & Hardy – The Sublime Dance

The immortal comedy duo of Stanley Laurel and Oliver Hardy has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my father introduced me to them. My siblings and I watched their movies repeatedly on tape and laughed uproariously at their various antics. As time has passed, I watch them less but still find them funny. Being older, I enjoy noticing the finer parts of their comedy, particularly their facial expressions, vocal intonation and exact comedic timing. They were true masters of their art.


Spandau Ballet – Only When You Leave

As a child of the 1980s, British band Spandau Ballet was one of the first artists I came across. Their songs ‘True’ and ‘Gold’ are generally regarded as their most successful hits – they are catchy melodies which easily slip into your brain. Once listened to, never forgotten.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, wife-beating and the obfuscation of Silma Ihram

Recently, a leader from Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia sanctioned the killing of apostates from Islam which has legitimate roots within Islam’s foundational texts. This week Hizb ut-Tahrir made the news again: The Australian reported about a video posted to Facebook by the Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, where two women demonstrated how Muslim men may discipline … Continue reading Hizb ut-Tahrir, wife-beating and the obfuscation of Silma Ihram

Paco de Lucía plays Mario Escudero’s “Impetu”

Paco de Lucía (1947-2014) is considered one of the 20th century’s greatest flamenco guitarists. He was particularly famous for pioneering the ‘new flamenco’ style – de Lucía collaborated with other guitarists and blended flamenco with other genres, including classical, jazz and Latin fusion. Some of de Lucía’s well-known albums include Entre Dos Aguas (1975), Siroco (1987) and Luzia (1998).